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But I Just Like Music: Live Review

Battles at Granada Theater [Show Reviews]

Author: Sissyphis

26 October 2011




There seems to be a formula for some bands – lead singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer. Sometimes one person does more than one of those things, and sometimes there’s more than one of each. But at least half of the time, that’s just about what you’re going to get.


Indie music, though, seems to be about turning that on its head. Bands add bongos, synths, violinists and xylophones (Freelance Whales, I’m looking at you) to help them create a more unique sound. Battles took this route, choosing to record their most recent album after losing their lead singer in a flood of, shall we say… douchebaggery?


And it was so, so worth it. After a somewhat meh Drums set at The Loft, I was a bit worried about how Battles would pull off a set without a lead singer. Would they bring in a sub? Try to go the full instrumental route? Fear not, Sissyphis… Battles had something better up their sleeve(s) – an epic video display with side-by-side screens featuring different lead singers for those songs that needed vocals. It was the first time I’d seen such a kickass A/V setup at the Granada – portable, yet totally relevant to the performance (ahem, Yeasayer).


Battles knows how to throw a party. They had the crowd moving, screaming and jumping – all making for the perfect Saturday night show:


Even when the screens were used to simply provide ambient lighting, it still worked. Check our video of their 7 minute instrumental marathon “Africastle” – trust me, you’ll be amazed.

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