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Reply to "New Tour Thread"

Saw Battles in Boston last night. 

They were fantastic.  I fought my way up to the front and was able to stand right in front of Dave. It was great. They opened with Dot Com, Dave was building the opening loop for like 10 minutes. To be able to see it done up close was very special to me.

I brought my LaDiDaDi poster with me in the hopes I could get it signed but they didn't hang out before or after the show. Dave is from Mass. and I know he had family and close friends in attendance, so I guess they were very busy entertaining guests after the show. (But Dave did shake my hand before he left the stage)

The set list they played was the same as the past few recent shows. 

John was a monster. He rocked out so hard he split his pants! True story.

He had to duct tape the crotch of his black skinny jeans. Ha!

Ian was super cool as always. (I wore my red suede Pumas in his honor)

It was a great show!

I advise anyone going to get as close as you can to the stage to see Dave and Ian making all the loops.
Also buy your tshirts early! At the end of the night they were sold out of my size. I should have got mine before but I didn't feel like holding it. Big mistake.

Frustrating because I'm sure they weren't really sold out, but they have to save enough sizes for each show. I did get a nice Battles reusable bag, and I ripped a poster off the club wall. 

I didn't take any video, I wanted to but I felt people around me wouldn't appreciate it. I took a few pics but most came out blurry. It's ok my brain won't forget this show!

Now the waiting begins for the next tour to start up. 

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