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Reply to "New Tour Thread"

Show last night in Austin was fantastic. Nice meeting you Amy! Got to talk to Ian this time, nice dude. Got a pic with him (thanks Amy!). Talked to Dave as well, he confirmed that Megatouch was his brain child and that they're going to start playing it live again soon.

I recorded the show on my handheld Tascam if any of you want to hear it, dm me your email and I can Dropbox or Google drive it to you.

Unfortunately a bunch of dudes got too intense moshing to Atlas and messed up the recording (it paused midway through) and I was forced to move away from my vantage point and ended up next to a blaring monitor for the last 2 songs, Atlas & The Yabba, so I wasn't able to get those. I'll try and get their full set in December.

Set list:

1. Dot Com
2. Ice Cream
3. FF Bada
4. Futura
5. Dave Banter
6. Tricentennial
7. Tyne Wear
8. Summer Simmer
9. Atlas (not recorded)
10. The Yabba (not recorded)


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