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Thought members and visitors would be interested in these videos...

Here's a link to the entire album of them where you can choose which track(s) to watch:

If you want to watch the whole set beginning-to-end (over an hour of footage) - as a playlist, without having to click between tracks - you can use the 'couch mode' link:

Thanks! Views and sharing w/ friends and fans is always appreciated, and if you have a Vimeo account, or feel compelled to sign up, comments and likes are always appreciate as well.

Thanks again, and take care!


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Thanks for checking them out! Video is standard-def 4:3 aspect ratio - but actually looks better than a dimly lit club would, thanks to the lighting.

Audio is courtesy an X/Y stereo condenser - I'm pretty happy with how the audio turned out. John's playing is super hard hitting and tight, so I'm glad it was able to capture some of that energy.

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