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Hi Everyone, 

Just to let you know a heads-up about many updates I made to the site. If you haven't checked it out in a while, this is a good time as we wait for LP4!

You may have already noticed that I removed Dave from the header image. Well the art is still there, so in a way he is as well. Of course I will update that with new art as soon as images are available from the new album. I wonder who will be doing the art now?
I updated with the new bio stuff but also tons of new photos, mostly from the guys' Instagram posts over the past few years.
I organized a bit more but also removed all links to songs on YouTube, since many of the videos had been taken down by YouTube. I'm sure people know how to search for a song on YouTube themselves anyway.
I updated this page with some common setlists of past tours, in case you wondered how they changed over each album tour.
Just a few new news items other than Dave leaving.
Added a bunch of new/old interviews and a couple of Ian podcasts.
Again, I removed individual song links. Updated a ton of new information from interviews (video, written, and audio). Including the interview I myself did with them 4 (!) years ago, I finally got those bits transcribed and added to the Atlas. And yes I listened to all 3.5 hours of Ian podcasts for Battles info! Trivia I learned, there is a Queens of the Stone Age music video that later filmed on the same escalator as the My Machines video. Also that UVA (collaborators on Tonto video) did the singer's video backdrops for the Gloss Drop tour. And Ian says the band is a "lower middle class" band, meaning they all do make their living from the music - no day jobs - but that they don't make a whole lot of money from it and therefore when they get asked for their songs to be in a commercial (Atlas being in a Superbowl commercial a few years back, for example), they say yes. Also it is a good way to expose themselves to new audiences! Many entries in the Atlas have been updated, and there are brand-new entries under Bring It On, David Bowie, EP, LP4, Shabazz Palaces, and Sludgehammer.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or find any errors loading links/images, please let me know.


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