my Hi/Lo harpsichord cover

OK here it is.

Youtube is being lame so I just put it up as a Facebook vid.

People with the direct link can see it.


Its a video of me playing Ian Williams' guitar part for Tricentennial.

I wouldn't dare call this a cover. Its just me playing along to the record.

A visual tutorial for any fellow guitarists out there that is all.

Thanks for watching! 



Sent the link to Ian/the band's twitter account, and Ian was nice enough to ReTweet and say I "Nailed it"!


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awesome covers you two! 

I covered Inchworm with my sequencer. 


I made the organ loop back in 2011 when Gloss Drop came out. Basically a Korg synth hooked into a POG2 and looped through a Gibson Echoplex. I added a drum machine (Superior Drummer) and some guitar. Was too lazy to do more of the other cool stuff that the track has but anyway, enjoy!

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