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I just got the Lynx CD on Amazon, and I really like it. I don't know much about math rock but I can hear Dave's ideas forming. He apparently was taught guitar by another member of the band. Here are some Lynx links:


Facebook (you can download their album there):


Some info: http://mathandnoise.blogspot.c.../attn-ea-forums.html



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I love that record. (Mrs Lynx is a personal favorite)

I saw Lynx live a few times before they moved to Chicago and they were really great. The drummer was one of the best players I've seen to this day.

Fun fact:

They put out an EP in 98 (I think) before their full length on Sampson Records out of Rhode Island.

Sampson records was owned and operated by Keith Souza. Who as you know went on to open Machines w Magnets and record all the Battles LPs


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