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Radio UTD: Live Review

inkybrown ·
Battles at Granada, 10/22Published on October 26th, 2011 Written by Erin Gordon   Battles, formed in 2002, is a trio known for their work in other bands (drummer John Stanier is...
Blog Post Live Review

inkybrown ·
Live Review: Battles at the Granada TheaterBY Sarah24 October 2011   The divisive and expansive experimental rock group Battles, currently a three-member affair, know how to put on a good...

My Machines With Tyondai Braxton

tijisthebestsongofalltime ·
With there being a few recordings of an early version of the Gloss Drop song My Machines with Tyondai Braxton singing on it instead of Gary Numan, has anyone been able to decipher what Ty is singing ? Would love to know as its probably my favorite song off of Gloss Drop and the Tyondai version is a such a unique and cool take on the song before Gary Numan became the vocalist for it.

Re: My Machines With Tyondai Braxton

Barduf ·
Would love to know as well!! Regards from Madrid, Barduf Laouani Florist Spain