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Recent interview that was posted on Battles facebook page:

""I can say,” Williams says, “that I’m interested in the idea of doing all analog for the next thing. For the last record, I played with three laptops all the time. I’m finding a pure analog sound-stream to be sexy. That would be very liberating for me in some ways."

So I suppose they're going to begin writing the next record soon if not already..

I've read two other interviews that I can't find for some reason. One didn't list the member giving the interview but he said that the new album would feature just guitars (?) probably joking as it was given prior to the one linked above. The other one Ian just mentioned that he plans to use all analog keyboards, I think he said he's started using a Moog with some type of software arpeggiator. That already sounds awesome. Also said that they plan to release future material more frequently. I'd love some more EPs!



Hi all. I've been skulking around this site on and off for a while now. Thought I would sign up and let you know, as per ian williams' twitter. The new record will be done by July and Warp will be putting it either in the fall or in january next year. He dosen't know yet. HOW FUCKING EXCITING. Also John Stanier gets married in June.

Hi all, Battles played a set of 100% live material in Poland last night. This will be their only 2014 live show. Anywho, here's a few links to bits and bobs I can find on all the usual social networks. They're all tiny and distorted snippets, but for those of us who are big fans (read, obsessed) they are a welcome treat - enjoy

I'll be posting whatever elese I can find here -


so feel free to follow.



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