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Recent interview that was posted on Battles facebook page:

""I can say,” Williams says, “that I’m interested in the idea of doing all analog for the next thing. For the last record, I played with three laptops all the time. I’m finding a pure analog sound-stream to be sexy. That would be very liberating for me in some ways."

So I suppose they're going to begin writing the next record soon if not already..

I've read two other interviews that I can't find for some reason. One didn't list the member giving the interview but he said that the new album would feature just guitars (?) probably joking as it was given prior to the one linked above. The other one Ian just mentioned that he plans to use all analog keyboards, I think he said he's started using a Moog with some type of software arpeggiator. That already sounds awesome. Also said that they plan to release future material more frequently. I'd love some more EPs!



Hi all. I've been skulking around this site on and off for a while now. Thought I would sign up and let you know, as per ian williams' twitter. The new record will be done by July and Warp will be putting it either in the fall or in january next year. He dosen't know yet. HOW FUCKING EXCITING. Also John Stanier gets married in June.

Hi all, Battles played a set of 100% live material in Poland last night. This will be their only 2014 live show. Anywho, here's a few links to bits and bobs I can find on all the usual social networks. They're all tiny and distorted snippets, but for those of us who are big fans (read, obsessed) they are a welcome treat - enjoy

I'll be posting whatever elese I can find here -


so feel free to follow.



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Never knew Ian had a cameo in High Fidelity!


Clite: Are you in the studio right now?

IW: We were in the studio all month last month in October up in Rhode Island, which is the same recording studio we’ve made all of our stuff at, Machines with Magnets and most of it’s done, except I have a bunch of little details to finish up here and there so I’m trying to sort of clean things up and make it sound the way I want it to sound and I’m just doing that at home. And then, I don’t know, it will be out in the spring, that’s all I know.


Clite: What’s the sound with the new one?

IW: What’s the sound? I guess it’s instrumental. It’s all instrumental and we’re just sort of making music that we want to listen to, that’s all. Which is a really simple way of putting it I guess, we’re not trying to please anyone with this record, just trying to please ourselves. Do I think that we did things right? Yes, but I don’t know if the rest of the world will think that, but I think that they’ll like it. We got the chance to play one show late September, this past September. It was the first time we had actually, when we made the previous record we hadn’t played live with any other material, so we had to sort of make the record in the studio and afterwards we had to figure out how to play it. This record, we actually had the chance to play it live on stage at least once, it was probably a pretty sloppy show, not that great, but it was sort of like we played all brand new songs on stage, and to actually stand in a room in a space together and play it, it’s a small accomplishment. So the fact that, going into the studio this time we sort of know how to play it this time, which is for the better because the thing that happens is, after you record a record then you get to play a lot of live shows off of it. After you’ve played the songs for like a year and a half on stage, you become so much better at it, and then you look back at what you recorded and you’re like “oh my god, it was so primitive when we recorded this and now it’s our show, playing it in such a better way.” At least we got play it once before we recorded.

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  • 01. The Yabba
  • 02. Dot Net
  • 03. FF Bada
  • 04. Summer Simmer
  • 05. Cacio e Pepe
  • 06. Non-Violence
  • 07. Dot Com
  • 08. Tyne Wear
  • 09. Tricentennial
  • 10. Megatouch
  • 11. Flora > Fauna
  • 12. Luu Le

First Edition Gatefold 2LP: comes with 8 panel folded poster and exclusive sticker 
First Edition CD: comes in gatefold wallet with poster booklet and exclusive sticker
Digital Download: 320kbps MP3 Download - Special offer - 20% discount for ticket buyers

In conjunction with Ableton, Battles have put together their mini-documentary ‘The Art Of Repetition’, a short film that joins Battles in their New York rehearsal space, studio in Rhode Island and on stage in Germany.


In ‘The Art of Repetition’, we visit the trio at their New York rehearsal space, join them at recording studio Machine With Magnets in Rhode Island as they record their new album, and accompany them onto the stage in Germany for an intense live performance. Along the way, we get an intimate look inside the band’s set-up, their unique methods of composing and, most interestingly, we get to know the three very different personalities that drive the band forward.

Watch the film via YouTube, and read Ableton’s interview with the band’s guitarist, keyboard and Push player Ian Williams here.

Any guess on the first single/video?


The production company CANADA is looking for extras for our upcoming music video, which will be shot in Barcelona August 8-10. It will be a lot of fun and we need as many people as possible. If you can make it, please email 

Hola!! Desde la productora CANADA buscamos figuración para el próximo videoclip de Battles en Barcelona!
Necesitaremos cuanta más gente mejor, así que si quieres ver al grupo bien de cerca, mándanos un mail con tus datos personales a y te explicaremos todos los detalles.
El rodaje se realizará entre los días 8 y 10 de agosto en la ciudad y alrededores. Muchas gracias!!


Watch Battles premiere four songs from their forthcoming album La Di Da Di in a specially recorded live session.

Filmed near the band’s rehearsal space in New York City, the band perform unique takes of new songs; The YabbaSummer SimmerTyne Wear and Dot Com.

The film will be broadcast on loop for 24 hours at tomorrow (4 August).

24hr broadcast starts at,
07:00 LA | 10:00 NYC | 15:00 UK | 16:00 EU | 23:00 JP | 00:00 AU (5TH)

Given what we've heard so far I'd say 'La Di Da Di' is going to be the perfect blend of the EP's, Mirrored & Gloss Drop all packaged into yet another reinvention of the 'rock band'. I can hear tones and songwriting styles from each era just in 'The Yabba' alone. And from reading that Rolling Stone interview, I'm so glad it's a full-length record intended to be listened to all at once

apparently the album has leaked (bad quality) & I couldn't help but give it a few listens. After listening to it 3 times, my initial thoughts are it's another solid release. 

Fav track(s): The Yabba, Dot Net, FF Bada, Dot Com, Megatouch, Flora> Fauna, Luu Le
Least Fav track(s): Summer Simmer

Anyway, I'm going to wait until my pre-order arrives before I give it anymore listens, which will be difficult but this record deserves to be experienced in high quality. 

I can't think of any artist, except Battles, that I even like enough to listen to a leaked release from.

To your point:

1. I agree. Though for me, I listened to Gloss Drop 3 months prior to it's release and my opinion/listening only increased after hearing it in high quality. I doubt that will change with the new record.
2. I don't feel I've disrespected the artist. I support the artist. I've purchased every Battles release and have paid/will pay to see them live. 

Like I said, I'm going to wait for the release to listen again...just wanted to share my initial thoughts on it.  

The Yabba, official video:


What do you guys think? I was so excited to see it in my feed! But I thought it was odd, not in a great way. I guess after the super creative videos from Gloss Drop I was expecting a higher production value, this seems like something a new band might put out. Was anyone bothered by them pretending to play on the concrete without their instruments plugged in anywhere? LOL. And what was the point of the footage of them in the house? I wanted it to be weirder I guess. Thoughts?

I don't have a passionate stance on music videos for or against but I enjoyed it as much as other Battles' music videos. I like the overhead rotating shots though they were dizzying. 

Can't say I care if their amps aren't hooked up as they're basically there for visual purposes.

The dude turning in the green shirt LOL

I liked it.

It had a vibe similar to Ice Cream video but a bit more serious in tone.

I loved the fade to black then cut to the overhead shot.

All the spinning shots were cool, or should I say looping shots.  

Amps/instruments not being plugged in has been going on in videos forever.

No big deal.

Footage of them in the house did feel a bit out of left field, but whatever

I love this band it was great.

Now I'm gonna go make some orange juice...


Ugh. I don't know why they would do this. It is trendy I guess to stream the album ahead of time, but will it hurt or help the sales? 


I think I will listen tomorrow, if it is good quality. I never listened to the leak, but if this is endorsed by the band (it must be) then I guess it is OK. Though I prefer to have the packaging in hand!

I love this video!


The performace shots are the highlights for me. They seem to really sum up the individual personalities of the guys. Dave is stylish, compact, workman-like, Ian is wonderfully expressive and a little flamboyant, and John is just sheer grim determination. i feel like I get a whole new perspective on the music from seeing this interpretation of its perfornance. Also, Ians little guitar flick move is super cool.


i have very good feelings about this record. 


By the way, is that NPR link official or leaked?

Performance shots were the highlight of the video, especially with the psychedelic background video. Yes Ian was very flamboyant as usual.


NPR is definitely official.

I just listened to it, I said "fuck getting enough sleep"! lol.

I like it. I don't know if I miss vocals or not. This is definitely a new era. I like all the songs. Megatouch is reggae like they said! I can't wait to interview them! 

Same here. Ordered ticket/LP bundle. Hasn't arrived.  So....went to local record shop and bought LaDiDaDi on compact disc! 

I own everything else on cd and vinyl, so might as well add to collection.

Anyway the record does not disappoint.

The songs are great. 

The drums sound fantastic. Like you're right in the room with him. 

Production is top notch.

Ian and Dave are on a whole other level of awesome.

10 out of 10.




Good grief I'm so frustrated! I'm a person to whom packaging is very important, and of course I still don't have my record or my CD. Turns out if you got the preorder, you were sent an email with a voucher because you had to confirm your shipping address (stupid...I got my address right on the preorder). Well I didn't get the email. SO they haven't even shipped mine yet, and it ships from the UK. I was going to bite the cost and just buy another CD, but no stores in my town of 800,000 even sell it. 

Excellent new audio interview with John. He discusses his musical upbringing and all the bands he's played with. Battles portion starts around 22:00.


In a rare segment he talks frankly about Ty's departure. It was not so amicable as the official announcement would have us believe (this confirms what Dave told me personally). I transcribed that part: "You were in this together... this was like this baby that we've all raised and now it's like this monster and we're finally making money and we're making a living and everything's great and this is gonna be the second record it's gonna be awesome and then one of the guys out of nowhere - while we're recording the record, mind you - literally leaves. Just, really, like you're not gonna give us...? It was just nothing, like "I don't wanna do this any more, bye." And he just left. ... It put is in an exremely compromising position where we absolutely freaked out because we're like "oh my god, now what are we gonna do?" But I think it was a blessing in disguise that we couldn't see right off the bat... in the fact that if we would've kept going the way we were going, it would've been a terrible, terrible record."

I bought the Japanese version of La Di Da Di so we could hear "FF Reprise", the Japanese bonus track. I put it on Youtube, listen now in case it gets deleted!


UPDATE: Warp Japan filed a copyright claim, the video has been blocked in all countries except Japan. What's the point of recording a song if it can only be listened to in one country?

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