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Same here. Ordered ticket/LP bundle. Hasn't arrived.  So....went to local record shop and bought LaDiDaDi on compact disc! 

I own everything else on cd and vinyl, so might as well add to collection.

Anyway the record does not disappoint.

The songs are great. 

The drums sound fantastic. Like you're right in the room with him. 

Production is top notch.

Ian and Dave are on a whole other level of awesome.

10 out of 10.




Good grief I'm so frustrated! I'm a person to whom packaging is very important, and of course I still don't have my record or my CD. Turns out if you got the preorder, you were sent an email with a voucher because you had to confirm your shipping address (stupid...I got my address right on the preorder). Well I didn't get the email. SO they haven't even shipped mine yet, and it ships from the UK. I was going to bite the cost and just buy another CD, but no stores in my town of 800,000 even sell it. 

Excellent new audio interview with John. He discusses his musical upbringing and all the bands he's played with. Battles portion starts around 22:00.


In a rare segment he talks frankly about Ty's departure. It was not so amicable as the official announcement would have us believe (this confirms what Dave told me personally). I transcribed that part: "You were in this together... this was like this baby that we've all raised and now it's like this monster and we're finally making money and we're making a living and everything's great and this is gonna be the second record it's gonna be awesome and then one of the guys out of nowhere - while we're recording the record, mind you - literally leaves. Just, really, like you're not gonna give us...? It was just nothing, like "I don't wanna do this any more, bye." And he just left. ... It put is in an exremely compromising position where we absolutely freaked out because we're like "oh my god, now what are we gonna do?" But I think it was a blessing in disguise that we couldn't see right off the bat... in the fact that if we would've kept going the way we were going, it would've been a terrible, terrible record."

I bought the Japanese version of La Di Da Di so we could hear "FF Reprise", the Japanese bonus track. I put it on Youtube, listen now in case it gets deleted!


UPDATE: Warp Japan filed a copyright claim, the video has been blocked in all countries except Japan. What's the point of recording a song if it can only be listened to in one country?

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