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Wow, London sold out immediately! Post reviews, videos etc here!


5.23 - Villette Sonique, Paris w/ Clark -
5.27 - The Dome, Tufnell Park, London - SOLD OUT
5.28 - Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona -
5.30 - Immergut Festival, Neustrelitz -

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Just got back from their London gig, it was incredible, first time I've seen them live. I have some pictures, no recordings though. I kinda hoped they'd do more new stuff, but it was still a fantastic experience. They did ice cream, africastle, atlas, wall street, and futura (amongst new material). Interestingly the structure of some of the new ones differed from the videos we got from warp 25, I guess they've been developed since then. Really looking forward to the new album. I'll post pictures later when I get the chance.

It says more dates are to be announced, on twitter.


Saint Vitus
Brooklyn, NY


MusicFest NW
Portland, OR


FYF Fest - LA State Historic Park
Los Angeles, CA


Electric Picnic


Hopscotch Music Festival
Raleigh, NC


Paradise Rock Club
Boston, MA


Lee's Palace
Toronto, ON


Chicago, IL


First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN


The Imperial
Vancouver, BC


Neptune Theatre
Seattle, WA


The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA


Crescent Ballroom
Phoenix, AZ


Dallas, TX


Austin, TX


New Orleans, LA


Atlanta, GA


Nashville, TN


Union Transfer
Philadelphia, PA


9:30 Club
Washington, DC


Webster Hall
New York, NY


Manchester Academy 2


Colston Hall




Electric Ballroom
London, Camden Town


Le Grand Mix


Grande Halle De La Villette






Botanique Rotonde




C2C Festival


Iceland Airwaves

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It may be early to ask, but who's going to which shows? Ironically yesterday I bought plane tickets to NYC because they hadn't announced a tour yet. The St. Vitus show is sold out but Ian said he'd put me on his guest list. I live in Texas now, but may be moving to the East Coast this fall. So depending on whether I move or not, I'll be doing Brooklyn in August and either:


Dallas/Austin/New Orleans


Philadelphia/Washington/New York

Saw Battles in Boston last night. 

They were fantastic.  I fought my way up to the front and was able to stand right in front of Dave. It was great. They opened with Dot Com, Dave was building the opening loop for like 10 minutes. To be able to see it done up close was very special to me.

I brought my LaDiDaDi poster with me in the hopes I could get it signed but they didn't hang out before or after the show. Dave is from Mass. and I know he had family and close friends in attendance, so I guess they were very busy entertaining guests after the show. (But Dave did shake my hand before he left the stage)

The set list they played was the same as the past few recent shows. 

John was a monster. He rocked out so hard he split his pants! True story.

He had to duct tape the crotch of his black skinny jeans. Ha!

Ian was super cool as always. (I wore my red suede Pumas in his honor)

It was a great show!

I advise anyone going to get as close as you can to the stage to see Dave and Ian making all the loops.
Also buy your tshirts early! At the end of the night they were sold out of my size. I should have got mine before but I didn't feel like holding it. Big mistake.

Frustrating because I'm sure they weren't really sold out, but they have to save enough sizes for each show. I did get a nice Battles reusable bag, and I ripped a poster off the club wall. 

I didn't take any video, I wanted to but I felt people around me wouldn't appreciate it. I took a few pics but most came out blurry. It's ok my brain won't forget this show!

Now the waiting begins for the next tour to start up. 

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Dallas tonight was great! I got my interview, almost a half hour long, and spent some time with the band again. They are so awesome! The show was amazing of course. Here are some photos of the merchandise. I teased Dave that if he made a vegan version of the artwork I would buy a shirt. He told me he has made a vegetarian version, it hasn't been released yet. 


Here are some videos I took on the tour:

SOUNDCHECK in Brooklyn:

DOT COM in Brooklyn:


FF BADA in Dallas:



Also, Ian and Dave confirmed to me and Bozojazz (nice to meet you!) last night that they are playing a festival in Houston in December. It will be their last date of 2015. Dave's wife's friend convinced them to do it. She is somehow involved with the festival. 

Show last night in Austin was fantastic. Nice meeting you Amy! Got to talk to Ian this time, nice dude. Got a pic with him (thanks Amy!). Talked to Dave as well, he confirmed that Megatouch was his brain child and that they're going to start playing it live again soon.

I recorded the show on my handheld Tascam if any of you want to hear it, dm me your email and I can Dropbox or Google drive it to you.

Unfortunately a bunch of dudes got too intense moshing to Atlas and messed up the recording (it paused midway through) and I was forced to move away from my vantage point and ended up next to a blaring monitor for the last 2 songs, Atlas & The Yabba, so I wasn't able to get those. I'll try and get their full set in December.

Set list:

1. Dot Com
2. Ice Cream
3. FF Bada
4. Futura
5. Dave Banter
6. Tricentennial
7. Tyne Wear
8. Summer Simmer
9. Atlas (not recorded)
10. The Yabba (not recorded)


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I recorded it, but there was a problem during Summer Simmer. The broadcast stopped for about 3 minutes. I don't think it was my internet connection, other sites worked. Did anyone else have this problem?


It looks like they archive the sets anyway, or at least some of them. Hopefully the Battles set will be available later to watch! It was great! Nice to have a pro-shot set from this tour.

I thought I would share a short story from the Battles tour from when they stopped at Manchester, and why I now have a lifetime grudge against someone I haven't even seen.

So, a few songs in and everyone is digging the new songs, John pummeling Tricentennial and Dot Com sounding more perfect than ever. Atlas begins and everyone is having a good time, with dancing and drinks. problem with drinks in the crowd isn't just that some people get completely wasted, one person threw a full beer cup on stage. And where does it land? All over Ian's setup. After John brings Atlas to a short finish, it's clear that something has gone wrong. Ian has to bring the bad news, the show is gonna stop early. Dave takes the mic, and apologizes for everyone else who is capable of keeping their drinks inside of them. As Dave said "Usually, it was my teacher who said this, but I guess there's not much else for me to say. There's always one person who ruins it for everyone else", and more memorably "Whoever you are, you know who you are, fuck you". After the angry mob dies down, they finish with The Yabba to conclude an otherwise great concert. I got three things out of that night, an amazing performance, discovering Buke and Gase, and fortunately, I got Dave's broken guitar string (Which I still have kept alongside the tickets to the show). Overall, it was still a great night.


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Battles posted on Facebook some new dates, maybe this will make up for that experience. Some more UK dates ahead:

Excited to announce our full 2016 European tour details + new La Di Da Di merch in our store today! Tickets at and wares at

3.22 – Dublin @ Button Factory
3.23 – Liverpool @ O2 Academy 1 
3.24 – London @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire
3.25 – Paris @ La Cigale
3.26 – Riems @ La Cartonnerie
3.27 – Brussels @ Ancienne Belgique
3.29 – Milan @ Magazzini Generali
3.30 – Rome @ Spring Attitude Festival
3.31 – Roncade @ New Age-Roncade
4.1 – Bourgoin-Jallieu @ Electrochoc Festival
4.2 – Den Haag, NL @ Rewire Festival
4.5 – Lausanne, CH @ Lausanne Les Docks
4.6 – Zurich, CH @ Rote Fabrik
4.8 – Berlin, DE @ Astra

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